US Customs confiscated 36,000 fake Chinese AirPods.


36,000 headphones that resembled like Apple AirPods were confiscated by US Customs and Border Protection officials.

According to a media release from CBP in Cincinnati, the headphones, which arrived in 3 containers from China, were in breach of “trademark and copyright rules.”

According to the press announcement, the wireless headphones infringed on trademarks that “protected Apple configuration” recorded with CBP.

In a statement, Cincinnati Port Director Richard Gillespie stated, “Counterfeit items can be misleading at first look.” “They’re frequently less expensive and might seem remarkably similar to the actual thing. Nevertheless, because of the high chance of subpar materials and faulty parts, inferior items might wind up costing buyers more than the authentic item.”

The fake AirPods arrived in packaging labeled “Elite Pods,” with headphones and a case that resembled real AirPods. They were on their way to Dayton, Kentucky, when they were apprehended on May 11 and 13, according to the statement.

According to CBP, the headphones were reported to be worth $5,280, but if they were authentic AirPods, they might have resold for $7.16 million.

“Supporting legitimate businesses is the smart choice, and buying from trusted companies protects against potential human rights violations and damage to our economy,” Gillespie said.

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