The Republican Party funding Donald Trump’s legal fees is more proof that he owns the Republican Party.


The promised payments are just part of the RNC’s campaign to be Trump’s party, nothing more, nothing less.

The Republican National Committee is paying for former President Donald Trump’s personal legal fees, which is both legal and politically astute, as well as extremely illuminating about the Republican Party’s future. The RNC will not spend up to $1.6 million on contested federal or state elections. This money is not being spent to promote policy recommendations. It is using this money to pay for attorneys hired by Trump to defend himself in criminal and civil fraud investigations unrelated to his presidency.

Why would the RNC do such a thing? Because the former president, who lost the previous presidential election, was impeached twice, and looks to have incited a “self-coup,” is the RNC’s preferred cause. Members of the RNC executive committee, who overwhelmingly agreed to foot the legal fees of a self-proclaimed millionaire whose firm is being probed for probable fraud, feel this is where their money is best spent, according to The Washington Post. (Trump has not been charged with any offense.)

In the film “All the President’s Men,” the character Deep Throat tells reporter Bob Woodward, “Follow the money.” Woodward and colleague Washington Post reporter Carl Bernstein then explore the Watergate crisis, bringing down Richard Nixon’s presidency. This term has become a handy shorthand to emphasize that if people truly want to know what is going on in politics, and even discover political corruption, they should look at money moving to and around politicians.

But, every now and then, money appears in the open, right in front of our eyes, and it is simple to follow and create links between politicians, people they owe, and those who owe them. One example is the RNC paying Trump’s bill.

The promised payments are a continuation of the RNC’s campaign to be Trump’s party, nothing more, nothing less. The Republican Party decided not to present a new party program in 2020. Instead, its primary goal was to re-elect Trump. This action is also explained by the desire to reinstall Trump in the Oval Office. Trump, of course, is not yet a contender. But none of that matters in this out-of-the-ordinary friendship.

The RNC’s decision to assist Trump’s financial situation did not begin with payments to Trump’s lawyers. Trump-owned properties made millions of dollars, thanks in part to RNC patronage. Do you have a meeting, a retreat, or a fundraising event coming up? Do you belong to the RNC? You may, by sheer chance, opt to hold that event at a Trump resort.

The RNC’s decision to spend money on Trump is, of course, motivated by financial considerations. Trump is a money-making machine for the Republican National Committee. He brings with him money that the GOP will need not only in 2024, when it may try to re-elect Trump, but also ahead of the 2022 midterm elections.

So, what is the answer to all of this? One approach is to impose more limits on federal election legislation. Federal law bans candidates from using campaign funds for personal needs, including legal fees. Should political parties be prohibited from paying for the personal costs of candidates, or even non-candidates, as Trump is now? This raises a slew of legal and administrative issues. Let us not forget that the present Supreme Court is staunchly opposed to political money limitations. Even if Congress could draft and approve the necessary legislation, the Supreme Court is unlikely to uphold it.

Perhaps the best course of action is to do nothing. Perhaps it is preferable to see who is paying for what out in the open. The present system eliminates the necessity for investigative reporters to acquire a private source to whisper information and encourage them to “follow the money.” We don’t even need investigative journalists. The public can form its own judgments as long as these monies are publicized.

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