Texas reported 0 COVID-19 deaths for its first time since recording pandemic figures began.


As the globe works to recover from the COVID-19 epidemic, Texas has recorded its first day with zero fatalities in a single day, according to Gov. Greg Abbott.

According to the Texas COVID-19 dashboard, there were no “newly reported deaths” and 388 new reported cases throughout. It is crucial to note that the data supplied to the state is preliminary in the sense that a few counties no longer send data on weekends, therefore data might possibly be backlogged till Monday.

Abbott stated that the case counts recorded on Sunday were the lowest in more than 13 months.

The governor of Texas also stated that the state had the lowest seven-day positive rate in history, as well as the lowest recorded number of hospitalizations in the previous 11 months.

Texas had little under 2,200 hospitalizations, according to the State Dashboard. The last time Texas had that low number of hospitalizations was June 11, 2020, which corresponds to Abbott’s tweet from Sunday.

Texas last had a single day with fewer than 500 cases in April 2020, when the state confirmed 422 cases on April 13.

According to state data, forty percent of Texans are completely vaccinated as of May 13.

The achievement comes after the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued new guidelines last week stating that fully-vaccinated persons — those who are two weeks past their final dosage of a COVID-19 vaccine — can stop wearing masks in crowds and most indoor situations, as well as stop social distance.

According to the Texas Department of State Health Services, more than 2.4 million cases have been documented in the state to far, and more than 49,800 individuals have died.

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