Tesla Model 3 dominates EU sales leaderboard so far in 2021


So far, Tesla’s Model 3 continues to top the electric car sales leaderboard in the United Kingdom until2021, as the company’s Model 3 continues to dominate the continent’s highly concentrated EV industry.

Tesla has seen exponential growth in recent years as a result of rising demand, improved car quality, world-class EV technology, and attempts to extend manufacturing into new markets across the world. Tesla has been establishing worldwide production initiatives for over a year, with its first overseas manufacturing site in China. The firm is continuing to grow its local and worldwide reach, with ambitions to construct additional manufacturing sites in Germany and China.

Tesla does not presently have a manufacturing factory in Europe since Giga Berlin is still under development and might begin production in the next months. The Giga Shanghai factory in China, where Tesla has been shipping Model 3s to Europe since January, has helped to meet demand in Europe. Tesla has established itself as the manufacturer with the best-selling electric vehicle as a consequence of these efforts.

According to new data from EU-EVs, the Model 3 is the most popular electric car in the European Union, and it’s not a close fight. Tesla has sold 27,186 Model 3 vehicles this year, with the closest competition, the Renault Zoe, selling 17,452 units.

With the ID.3, ID.4, and UP! EV, Volkswagen is in third, fourth, and fifth positions, respectively.

Volkswagen has established itself as the top brand in the EU, accounting for 47,878 sales so far this year, thanks to its outstanding performance in the top 5 with its three presently available EVs. This accounts for 18.1 percent of the entire EU market share for electric cars, which is a significant figure. Tesla has 27,377 total registrations in the EU, making it the region’s second-most popular electric vehicle manufacturer. This most likely indicates that Tesla has sold 191 non-Model 3 vehicles in the EU as a result of Model S and Model X sales.

The Model Y is presently unavailable in Europe while Tesla waits for the Giga Berlin production plant to be completed. However, if Giga Berlin isn’t ready for production, it’s possible that Tesla may start shipping Model Y vehicles from Shanghai to Europe in Q3. Tesla, on the other hand, has not verified these rumors.

Europe, being one of the world’s most densely populated areas for electric vehicles, remains a struggle for EV makers. Tesla, on the other hand, has maintained its position as the global leader in electric vehicles, leaving little space for competitors to make mistakes. Tesla appears to enhance its product on a regular basis, boosting range or performance throughout its whole car selection, leaving little opportunity for other firms to compete with Elon Musk’s firm.

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