Nigeria Boat

Nigeria: boat carrying 200 people capsizes.


According to Reuters, a state official, dozens of people are missing in northwestern Nigeria after a boat carrying 200 passengers collapsed on Wednesday.

The boat was allegedly overloaded when it split in half in the middle of the Niger River.

The number of individuals on board varies according to news agency—some suggest between 160 and 200. “A rescue operation is underway, but only 22 survivors and one dead body have been recovered,” a local official reportedly said.

According to officials in Kebbi State, first responders have been deployed to the location to look for survivors.

According to Qasimu Umar Wara, a native of Wara town, the passengers were returning from a recently found gold mine in Niger. “They usually go there in the evenings and return to Wara in the morning,” he said. “Most of them are petty traders, food vendors and the local miners.”

Nigeria Boat

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