Here’s how the electrified version of Mercedes-legendary Benz’s off-roader would look.

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In the future years, the renowned Mercedes-Benz G-Class off-road four-wheel drive will go electrified, most likely under the Mercedes-Benz EQG brand — but how it would like?

These drawings by Instagram user @sugardesign 1 – who is said to be an official Alfa Romeo designer working on the facelifted Giulia sedan expected in 2022 – attempt to picture the new EQG, merging influences from Mercedes-EQ Benz’s vehicles with the famous silhouette of the petrol-powered G-Class.

The open grille on the front of the G-Class has been replaced with a rectangular black panel with an EQS-inspired star pattern and the off-trademark roader’s round headlamps, with fake intake details from the EQS AMG Line limo resting below, on either side of the license plate.

Full-width LED taillights from the Concept EQT people-mover span the barn-door tailgate and even the spare wheel cover, which has the same star design pattern as the false front grille.

The arches have been filled with more aerodynamic alloy wheels, and the entire car is dressed in a two-tone paint scheme evocative of the new EQS and Mercedes-Maybach models.

The arrival of an all-electric G-Class was announced by Daimler chairman Ola Källenius in early 2020, with trademark registrations for ‘EQG 560’ and ‘EQG 580’ in recent months hinting at the circa-400kW, dual-motor, all-wheel-drive powertrains we should anticipate from the new vehicle.

“Yes, the G is going to go electric, we have kicked off the concept work for this, so in a few years you’ll be able to go electric with the G as well,” said Källenius.

Over the coming months and years, more information on how the Mercedes-Benz EQG will appear — and what will power it – will become available.

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