Dodge intends to develop EV capable of outperforming the Hellcat.


Electric cars may be quite quick, as anybody who follows them knows. The Tesla Model S Plaid is a perfect example, as it is one of the world’s quickest vehicles. Dodge has a history of producing fast muscle vehicles, notably the Dodge Hellcat, which features a supercharged V-8 engine. According to a recent rumor circulating the internet, Dodge plans to produce an electric car that will outperform the Hellcat.

Dodge has been hesitant to electrify its vehicles in the past, but that is changing now that it is a Stellantis firm. Dodge is now working on at least six electric cars, according to six insiders cited by the Detroit Bureau. The six vehicles are now being styled at a facility in Michigan, according to reports.

Dodge must do something to maintain its reputation for speed, as the days of high-output V8 engines are numbered as fuel efficiency and pollution standards become more stringent. Dodge has previously acknowledged that their Hellcat-powered Durango SUV will be phased out due to unsatisfactory emissions.

Except for the insider’s claim that Dodge is working on six electrified cars, little is known about the electric rides. It’s easy to see the carmaker ditching the big Hellcat V-8 beneath the hood in favor of batteries and electric motors in order to outperform Tesla.

Dodge EV Hellcat

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