Any Top Shop Completes Sale in Crypto and Installs the World’s First “Crypto Kitchen” via Polygon


Any Top Shop, which provides worktops, cabinets, hardwood floors, and tile for kitchens, bathrooms, and hardwood flooring in Kansas City and the surrounding region, has sold its first kitchen countertop using cryptocurrency.

A Polygon cryptocurrency was used to complete the transaction at any Top Shop. This currency, which is ranked #16 on CoinMarketCap, is a layer 2 scaling solution for the Ethereum network. It’s also a proof-of-stake currency, which means completing a transaction requires 99 percent less energy.

To grasp the relevance of proof-of-stake, consider how it differs from Bitcoin, which utilizes proof-of-work. With proof-of-work, each miner tries to solve a difficult math problem for each transaction in order to get the transaction fee. The time it takes to solve that math problem is about 30 minutes, which shows the issue’s complexity. Multiple miners attempting to solve the problem at the same time spend a significant amount of energy. However, only one miner will get the required outcome.

Polygon is an entirely separate animal. A miner using proof-of-stake simply has to show that he has that many coins in his “wallet” to receive the transaction fee. As a result, he or she does not require a warehouse full of computers operating 24 hours a day, seven days a week to solve complex arithmetic problems. He simply needs one computer with numerous digital wallets, one for each currency he wishes to process.

Polygon’s costs are substantially lower because the transaction is quick and inexpensive. The consumer in the instance of Any Top Shop paid in Polygon coins, which were worth $1.84 at the time of the transaction. The transaction costs only.8 Polygon coins, putting the total cost of the transaction at about $1.47. Once the Polygon coins have been delivered to Any Top Shop’s Polygon wallet, the company can sell or keep the money.

Bitcoin costs, on the other hand, can be as high as $100 or even more. Using a reward credit card for the same purchase would have cost Any Top Shop $130 in credit card fees. Ryan Ramsdell, the owner of Any Top Shop, is a major crypto advocate for these reasons. “It makes excellent business sense to save money where I can,” he added. It allows me to keep my costs down. If you look after the pennies, the bucks will look after themselves.”

Accepting cryptocurrency is the latest example of Any Top Shop’s forward-thinking owner Ryan Ramsdell incorporating technology and new ideas into his company.

“Not adapting to the modern world eventually will cost you,” Ramsdell added. “That’s why I am always looking ahead and introducing new ways of serving our customers better. That’s how I achieved success and why I have over 300 positive reviews on Google.”

About Any Top Shop

Located in the heart of Kansas City, Kansas, Any Top Shop is a premier home remodeling solution provider, specializing in kitchen and bath countertops, cabinets, hardwood flooring and tile applications. Any Top Shop is a fabrication and installation expert and provides services in and around Kansas City.

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