An Executive of Goldman Sachs has recently resigned after making a fortune on dogecoin.

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A managing director at Goldman Sachs has recently quit the firm after earning millions of dollars investing in the cryptocurrency dogecoin.

A spokesperson for Goldman announced that Aziz McMahon, a managing director and head of emerging market operations based in London, had left the investment bank after 14 years.

According to the Guardian, McMahon invested the money on his own personal account and was not interested in selling cryptocurrencies for Goldman Sachs.

According to efinancialcareers, which broke the news first, McMahon, who claims he studied at Trinity College Dublin on LinkedIn, may be launching a hedge fund.

It fell by up to 35% during one point over the weekend after a widely awaited speech by crypto enthusiast Elon Musk, the Tesla CEO, on the tv program “Saturday Night Live.”

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