Accused murderer Tyler Terry has been apprehended following a days-long manhunt.


A guy wanted in connection with many killings and shootings was apprehended Monday morning following a huge manhunt, according to authorities.

“Tyler Terry is in custody,” the Chester County, South Carolina, Sheriff’s Office tweeted. “No shots were fired by any party. Everyone (including Terry) is safe.”

Terry, 27, was on the run since last Monday night, when he reportedly took part in a high-speed police pursuit with Chester County Sheriff’s officers, according to authorities. Residents in the area had been advised to stay indoors for several days as authorities looked for him.

In South Carolina, detectives linked Terry to the May 2 murder of 35-year-old Thomas Durell Hardin in York County, as well as two other unrelated shootings on the same day, according to the Chester County Sheriff’s Office.

Adrienne Simpson of Myrtle Beach, the driver in last Monday’s chase, crashed and was arrested, according to the Chester County Sheriff’s Office. Simpson has been charged with accessory after the fact for driving the car that conveyed Terry in the May 2 murder.

Police have reportedly linked Terry and Simpson to two homicides that occurred near St. Louis, Missouri, on the night of May 15, according to ABC station WSOC in Charlotte, North Carolina. They are accused of assassinating Stanley and Barbara Goodkin, as well as Dr. Sergei Zacharev. Stanley Goodkin made it out alive.

Simpson’s husband was discovered dead in Great Falls, South Carolina, last Thursday, and his death was deemed a murder.

As of Monday morning, Chester County had approximately 300 law enforcement personnel hunting for Terry.

“Mr. Terry was extremely fast, agile — and it adds to the dynamic that he had nothing to lose based on what he was facing,” Chester County Sheriff Max Dorsey told reporters Monday, explaining why it was so hard to catch him, WSOC reported.

Terry was observed fleeing over Highway 9 on Sunday, so deputies set up a perimeter, which resulted in his apprehension Monday morning, according to Dorsey.

A team from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives subsequently discovered him lying down in tall grass (ATF). Terry did not resist arrest, according to Dorsey.

“I believe he was ready to run but he was surrounded and had nowhere to go,” Dorsey said, according to WSOC. “He was tired and thirsty. He was all cut up, bug bites, clothes torn. He’s exhausted.”

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