According to officials, at least eight people hurt in shooting in New Orleans.


According to a tweet from the New Orleans Police Department, at least eight individuals were injured in a gunshot early Sunday morning.

The victims were sent to local hospitals for treatment. According to authorities, one female victim was shot in the face and was taken to the hospital by first responders in severe condition.

According to authorities examining the case, the remaining seven victims are in “stable condition or as having received graze wounds” after being transported to hospitals in private automobiles.

“The remaining victims arrived via private conveyance to local hospitals and are listed either in stable condition or as having received graze wounds,” the statement added.

Investigators stated in a news release that eight persons were injured, one of them was gravely injured. A lady with a gunshot wound to the face has been recognized as the victim.

EMS took her and another male victim to the hospital.

According to NOPD, the other patients are in stable condition or are being treated for graze wounds.

There has been no indication on whether or if any arrests have been made.

This is the city’s fifth mass shooting in the year 2021. In such horrific shootings, two persons were murdered and 25 others were wounded.

This year, Louisiana police have documented 15 mass shootings, with nine people killed and 75 others wounded.

Mass shooting New Orleans Mass Shooting

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